IntroducingOur Leadership Team

  • Jake Dowie

    Jake Dowie

    Managing Director

    Jake started writing software at school and began working in IT just as the web took off.

    He managed global corporate IT systems during the dotcom boom in the late 90s and founded his first technology company at the start of the millennium. That company was sold a few years later and Jake's been consulting and managing software development teams ever since.

    Jake has worked within verticals such as broadcast, telecoms, finance and electronic art!

    Jake's ability to successfully anticipate and identify future trends in IT and software have guided JDLT's journey in technology.

  • Tommy Long

    Tommy Long

    Technical Director

    Tommy has over 15 years of professional software development experience, with a span from e-commerce to enterprise and insurance to telecoms.

    Tommy likes to speak in plain English and would describe his most useful skill as the ability to quickly comprehend your problem and come up with practical solutions.

  • Suzy McCrea

    Suzy McCrea

    Marketing Manager

    Suzy's background is within the retail sector, and she is uniquely able to spot market trends and promote products and services to meet company objectives.

    She utilises a wide variety of marketing techniques to grow a brand and has a particular interest in social media marketing.

    Having previously worked on products as unique as colour-changing gin, Suzy prides herself on being able to turn her skill set to any industry to create innovative marketing campaigns.

  • Joe Williams

    Joe Williams

    Sales Manager

    Joe has known Jake Dowie for many years; joining JDLT was about working within the transparent and forward-thinking ideal of business culture that they share.

    He has spent 20 years in sales roles, including luxury leisure travel, corporate real estate and a software development start-up.

    His experience is that the solution a customer truly wants can only be reached from a complete understanding of their needs.

    Informal and candid communication tells us what our customers really think, unvarnished.

  • Francisco Dias

    Francisco Dias

    Lead Developer

    Having spent ten years of people-focused roles in hospitality, he was attracted to software development because of its power to simplify day-to-day tasks.

    The whole new world of tech appealed to his curiosity and hunger to learn a new craft.

    He started the current chapter in his life by completing an intensive coding bootcamp and taking on some personal projects.

    Showing great aptitude for development Francisco quickly worked his way up the role of lead developer.

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