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Bespoke software mapped to your unique business processes

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Your business needs are unique and specific, whereas off-the-shelf software is by definition generic.

Customising a mass-market , or platform to fit your unique business processes demands enormous time and expense. Specialist skills, ongoing licensing, support and future change requirements compound your costs.

Our custom software solutions are simple, effective, scalable and secure. The bespoke software we write is precisely tailored to your business processes.

You can use such operational systems for as long as you need. All without the ever-increasing licensing costs associated with off-the-shelf software. Future enhancements can happen in the same rapid, bespoke and cost-effective way.

Service features

Our service embraces modern development practices allow us to create business-ready, enterprise-grade software quickly and efficiently.

Agile software development

Our iterative agile approach to project management and software development helps our team deliver value faster and with fewer headaches.


Our first development priority is to create an API giving controlled access to your business logic and data and then build integrated products on top.

This frees your data and business logic to be securely and simply re-used across your organisation.


DevOps combine modern software development techniques with IT operations, encompassing the entire process, from conception and design to implementation.

This shortens the software development lifecycle and delivers robust, high quality software.

Serverless architecture allows us to deliver well-architected apps on next-generation cloud infrastructure which are:

  • Fast to market
  • Auto-scaling
  • Low-cost

JDLT were early adopters of serverless architecture and routinely use it in our development process.

Software testing and QA

All our solutions go through a full quality assurance process before they're released to you.

Our automated tests ensure fewer bugs are introduced during development, so you can be confident our apps are production-ready.

If you're expecting large amounts of traffic or spikes in your traffic we'll perform full load testing to ensure your application remains stable whatever the situation.

Responsive design

Our beautiful bespoke applications are tailored to all common device types, mobile devices, tablets and laptops or desktops.

This approach also allows us to design for more niche platforms such as smart TVs, games consoles, IoT devices or in-car systems.

Cloud-native delivery

Whether your application lives in the public, private or hybrid cloud, we have the cloud experience to deliver it in the most secure, scalable and efficient way possible.

We've partnered with all the major public cloud providers so we're happy building using your preferred provider.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance services provided direct by the software development team allows for quicker and more reliable incident resolution.

Our UK helpdesk is staffed by engineers with a full and complete understanding of your software.

Rapid prototyping

The frameworks and techniques we use allow us to create functional prototypes very quickly and at low cost.

We use prototypes to effectively demonstrate interface ideas and user experience to get feedback before development starts.

Our technology partners

We've partnered with industry-leading hardware and cloud service vendors to enable us to deliver a word-class service

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Our software development services

We are a team of experienced programmers developing solutions for companies of all sizes.

We're passionate about creating useful business software.

Our talented and professional developers can help you to achieve your business goals with expertise in the following areas:

Requirements analysis

We will work with you to identifying and document the needs of your stakeholders.

Our experience means that you don't need to be experts in any areas of software development. We speak in plain language and translate your requirements into easy-to-understand and comprehensive documentation.

Application architecture

Applications architecture is the art of developing a system that is scalable, reliable, available and manageable.

We respond to the emerging needs of your business to be able to integrate multiple applications into a single business solution.

User interface design and development

Our focus when designing a UI is on maximizing usability and the user experience.

We create a user experience that is simple, efficient and accessible.

Our applications are beautiful and brand-consistent, allowing you to maximize your messaging and amplify your brand.

API development

APIs are no longer just a technical component of a software system. They are a product.

API management is the practice of managing the development, release, and operation of APIs. This includes the tasks of designing, building, testing, documenting, monitoring, securing, and versioning APIs.

Data modeling and database design

Data modeling is the process of defining the data in a database. Database design is the creation the data model in a way that optimises the data for the particular uses you require.

We're experienced in working with and optimising complex datasets, spanning multiple applications and use cases.

Systems integration

Systems integration is the practice of combining multiple systems into one more effective, cohesive and efficient system.

We work with existing or legacy systems to link them together, be they hosted on-premise, in the cloud or using a hybrid model.

Support and maintenance

Like all of our services, our support and maintenance service will be tailored to your exact requirements.

Our support services include SLAs that deliver real value and prioritise those areas which are most important to your business.

We provide comprehensive support for all our applications, delivered by the team that built the software.

Want to know more?

At JDLT, we build custom software for organisations of all sizes.

Download the case study or get in touch to see how we can help your business.

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