About us

Our founders Jake and Tommy met as Head of IT and Lead Developer at Exponential-e and worked together to spearhead the rollout of best practices across the organisation.

They developed truly innovative, industry-leading techniques as they assisted in redefining and standardising processes in order to adopt automation. Realising that others would value their experience, and with the full support of Exponential-e, they created JDLT and began expanding their team and its approach.

Client Hub


The Client Hub is a web-based interface, customised to your organisational requirements, which allows your stakeholders and users to monitor and contribute towards each project.
Development requests can be made by nominees within your organisation (perhaps even all users), and responded to by our development team, automating and closing the feedback loop with greater efficiency and fewer meetings.

Management can offer relevant users the chance to vote on proposed features, enabling stakeholders to assess relative value, which can then be matched with business need.
All concerned are proactively updated throughout the project lifecycle, with visibility of as much detail as you permit.

Download it from the Azure marketplace