IntroducingClient Hub

The Client Hub is a web portal, customised to your organisational requirements, which allows your stakeholders and users to monitor and contribute towards each project.

It automates and closes the development feedback loop with greater efficiency and fewer meetings.

Request management

Development requests are made by nominees within your organisation. These are quickly responded to by our development team and proposals are created in the form of Features.


Relevant users are offered the chance to vote on proposed Features. This enables stakeholders to assess relative value, which can then be matched with business need.

Feature Tracking & Prioritisation

Features are manually or automatically prioritised and development can begin. Stakeholders are kept up to date via notifications and through the Feature Tracking area of the portal.


Management can approve or request changes to proposed feature development. Approvals can be made online, via email, or through push messaging.


All stakeholders are proactively updated via email, online, or via push messaging throughout the project lifecycle. Granular controls allow project visibility to easily be granted to or removed from any stakeholder.

Graphical Reporting

Development project reporting can come in multiple forms. Progress reports can be viewed online in teh protal, presented to key stakeholders on a regular basis or integrated into existing repoorting reporting workflows.

API integration

All Client Hub data can be exported for integration with existing tools via API integration.
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