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Modern, responsive, clear and effective IT management

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Managed IT

Modern, responsive, clear and effective IT management

Due to our experience in enterprise-level IT (and at our customers' request), we've recently begun providing fully managed IT services.

Our managed IT service includes:

Identity and access management

Identity and access management (IAM) facilitates the secure management of enterprise resources. IAM systems identify, authenticate and authorise individuals and the hardware and applications to which they've been granted access.

Well-managed IAM is an essential component in achieving industry, governmental and legal compliance.

Threat protection

Threats to corporate data security come from many different places and in many different ways. Passive threat protection systems no longer provide the security required by a modern businesses. Active solutions are required that are updated minute by minute and seek out potential threats, whether internal or external to your organisation.

The threat protection JDLT provide is an integrated, cross-domain solution to give you the peace of mind to conduct business openly and with full confidence.

Device and app management

Modern IT systems are required to provide both convenience and security to their users. Gone are the days of carrying separate work and personal devices, employees now expect an easy to access, secure and non-intrusive BYOD environment.

The flexible MDM solutions JDLT provide can be tailored to your precise requirements, no matter the platforms and devices of your users and your company.

Networking and connectivity

Networking can be complicated. Effectively supporting on-premise, cloud & hybrid environments requires a fully integrated system which embraces modern technologies such as SD-WAN , 5G , SASE , WiFi 6 .

JDLT have partnered with Cisco and Microsoft to enable the provision of best-in-class networking hardware and software.

Application setup and configuration

Unless your company is entirely cloud-native (as we are), it's likely that your users will require access to single-tenanted applications.

Whether these applications are hosted on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment, JDLT can help get them up and running and keep them that way.

Operating system and application support

Some users will always be more tech-savvy or independent than others.

JDLT provide OS and application support for those times when your users require a little extra help.

Our service desk gives your users convenient and direct access to the support they need via phone, email, web chat, or our custom Web Portal.

Unified communications

The modern workforce is more mobile than ever before so unified communications are no longer just a key differentiator, but are essential to all businesses.

JDLT will help unify your communication strategy, putting in place the tools your workforce needs in order to maintain effective lines of communication not only internally but also with your customers, partners and suppliers.

Digital transformation

Our experienced team have been around since well before the public cloud existed and have orchestrated multiple digital transformations for businesses of various different sizes.

We're always happy to make suggestions which can improve your business IT architecture. If there are areas of your IT setup which need some modernisation or could be better optimised we'll help identify them and make those changes.

Our customers find that these services complement our custom software development service.

Due to our relatively small size, we're able to provide our customers with a high-quality, responsive and tailored service. Where possible, our solutions are cloud-managed so cost-effective and quick to implement.

Our IT partners

We've strategically partnered with Microsoft, Cisco & Meraki and have access to solutions from many other hardware and software vendors.

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