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JDLT is now climate positive

We're proud to announce that JDLT is now a certified climate positive business

Jake Dowie
Jake Dowie
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With the lockdown in full effect, like many people, we found ourselves thinking about our lives and work. We had a lot of interesting and insightful conversations about what matters to us. We've always been committed to building a company with the utmost integrity and we felt that we could do better.

We're proud to announce that JDLT is now a certified climate positive business.

JDLT are a climate positive business

What does climate positive mean?

We worked with Earthly to establish our carbon footprint by measuring our scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions (direct emissions we make, indirect emissions from the energy we purchase, and other indirect emissions - everything from how staff get to work to the goods and services we buy etc.). We've now removed those by funding projects certified by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCB Standards).

But we wanted to go further. To be certified as a climate positive business, we needed to invest at least 110% of our footprint, which is what we've done.

Why carbon removal rather than carbon offsetting?

We say removal not offsetting because we believe that "offsetting" is ambiguous. We wanted to invest in nature based solutions which simultaneously capture and store carbon, reduce GHGs related to land use changes and improve the resilience of ecosystems and communites.

A lot of traditional carbon credits only support avoiding emissions which is one of the reasons they've had some negative press.

We'll keep trying to make a positive impact

We know that for some of our clients, knowing that we do things like this is a part of why they use JDLT.

Whatever your view we hope you feel that we are doing whatever we can to make sure JDLT makes a positive impact in the world.

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