Case StudySystems Integration

Integrating the IT systems of a business and its supplier

The challenge

ISG, a global construction services company, had a requirement for system integration to link its cloud-based IT service management platform with that of one of its suppliers. ISG needed to collaborate more effectively and in a more timely manner on technical support tickets.

The solution

Technical support tickets were synced in real time between the two software applications

JDLT worked with both ISG and its supplier to provide systems integration services, specifically a fully documented and tested integration between the two customer support systems.

Technical support tickets were synced in real time between the two software applications. Support technicians using either system were able to have full visibility of the work being undertaken by the other party.

The value

The workflow for customer support issues became largely automated, immediately accelerating the progress of each ticket. Communication became more fluid between those raising tickets and those handling them.

Stakeholders were prompted to sign off both problem statements and solutions. This allowed ownership to be handed back to the business and the results generated were a much better fit.

The technology

As with most of our engagements we used an API-first approach. In this case we also added an layer in between the two APIs to maintain data format consistency between the systems.

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