Join the team

The first step to joining our development team is completing our technical challenge, which you can find on our Github page. It's relatively simple and deliberately open-ended: we want to give you the opportunity to choose which skills you want to demonstrate.

Get in touch with us once you're finished and have made your code available (e.g. on Github) and we'll take it from there!

We are a living wage employer


How do I join the development team?

First of all take a stab at our developer challenge.

If we like what you've done then we'll invite you in for a face-to-face interview and if we like you as well as your work we'll make you an offer!

What am I meant to do for the tech challenge?

That’s up to you.

You might reasonably observe that it’s a challenge not just of your technical skills, but that’s part of the point.

The tech challenge is more than a coding challenge. It's deliberately vague and open-ended so that we can see how you approach it.

We find we learn just as much from what you don't write as what you do.

Surely you can give me a couple of pointers?

Have a think about what skills you want to demonstrate to us and if in doubt, read through this FAQ again and try to put yourself in our shoes.

If you’re up for the challenge, that tells us something pretty positive already.

What will the face-to-face interview be like?

The interview will be quite laid back and informal. At this stage we won't be assessing your technical skills so we won't ask you to do tasks like describing a sorting algorithm on a whiteboard or any of the pointless nonsense that other companies seem to want.

The point of the face-to-face interview is for us to get to know one another so that we can each decide if we think we're a suitable match.

Let's say I join the team. What will my first week/month look like?

From the word go you'll be working on real problems and real code. We think the best way to learn is to do.

You'll likely make a commit on your first day, raise a pull request in your first week, have your feature put into UAT within your first fortnight and see your code in production in your first month.

So you'll just dump me on a problem that I have no idea how to handle?

Not at all. We strongly believe in pair programming and allow our developers to freely pair (and unpair) as they feel is best.

You'll likely spend most of your first month working closely alongside a more experienced developer.`

What if I commit some bad code?

Then you'll be no worse than the rest of us!

Seriously though, we have processes in place so you don't have to worry too much about making a mistake.

Such as? What processes do you have in place?

We do test-driven development with the tests having to pass before code can be committed.
All work is done on a separate feature branch in Git and the pull request is reviewed for quality and accuracy. This is then merged into our development branch where the tests are re-run and the code is automatically deployed to our development environment. Here the feature is checked over by another developer before going into our user-testing environment.

If your bug/error makes it this far then the fault is ours, not yours!

What am I waiting for?

If something still holds you back, please let us know what that is.

Otherwise, go ahead and try our developer challenge!